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Connect and Protect are Perth’s leading electronic security providers. We find the best products in the market for reliability and control. You won’t find us selling multiple different brands or installing DIY Bunnings Swann systems. We pride ourselves on providing the very best solutions with rigorous testing processes before we will recommend and install a product. Connect with us to get Protected today!

Dahua CCTV Systems

We provide advanced AI powered CCTV systems with real time notifications to your phone. CCTV is no longer a retrospective security solution. It has now become an active solution that can deter criminals and notify you immediately of any intruder in your home or business.


Ajax Alarm Systems

Ajax alarm systems are the future of alarm technology, previous alarm systems have been built on decades old technology and only patched and added to for app control making them unreliable and buggy. Ajax has been engineered from the ground up with the latest technology and a user-friendly interface for the modern era.


Humm BNPL Payment Plans

Buy now and pay later with Humm. Payments plans from 12-18 months available on all our packages. No Interest Ever.


Hikvision’s New ACDC vs Dahua TiOC 2.0

As an experienced security installation team based in Perth, Western Australia, we've spent almost a decade working with Hikvision and Dahua security cameras. Our primary focus was on Hikvision systems until two years ago when Dahua launched their innovative TiOC...

Wired vs. Wireless Security Cameras

Wired vs. Wireless Security Cameras: Which is Best for Homes in Perth, Western Australia? There are many reasons to choose a wired CCTV system over a wireless one. One of the greatest limiting factors with wireless is range. As we have all experienced, Wi-Fi doesn't...

Which is better for home security, an alarm or CCTV?

According to the West Australian police, the greatest home security measure is a dog as it is the number one deterrent for preventing break-ins. However, not everyone can or wants to have a dog. Also, our furry friends can't keep watch out the front, and sometimes...
Dahua vs Hikvision

What brand is better Hikvision or Dahua?

Introduction: Dahua and Hikvision can be likened to Holden and Ford. You have installers on both teams, and they will defend their team at all costs. We at Connect and Protect like to rigorously test as many products as we can in the market to decide what we think...
Dahua TiOC 2.0 CCTV Camera

What is Dahua’s SMD and TiOC?

The latest in CCTV camera technology from Dahua is their AI SMD feature that improves notifications by filtering out anything that isn’t a human or vehicle. SMD stands for Smart Motion Detection, previous generations of motion detection had false alerts from rain,...
CCTV Security Camera System Full Perimeter Layout House Plans

How many CCTV security cameras do I need?

Although we have many different styles of homes in Perth, a standard setup would be 6 cameras for full perimeter. (As seen below) If you’re on a budget, we can get a good result with just 4 cameras. (Example below) Not every home is the same however the general idea...
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