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With a commitment to excellence, our team of experts in Perth is dedicated to understanding your unique home security requirements and providing personalized security solutions with Ajax alarm systems that cater to your specific needs. Whether you need to protect your family, secure valuable assets, or monitor your business, Connect & Protect offers the flexibility and scalability to adapt to any environment.

The foundation of our success lies in our wireless and Ajax Mesh technology, ensuring fast and reliable communication between sensors and the central hub. With real-time notifications, remote monitoring, and a user-friendly mobile app, you stay connected and in control at all times.

Trust in Connect & Protect to be your ultimate home security partner, bringing you a comprehensive suite of CCTV systems and features that include motion detection, fire detection, flood monitoring, and much more.

Not Securing Your Home or Office With An Alarm? You Are 3x More Susceptible To A Break-In

Connect and Protect can easily install and ensure your alarm system is fully operating in your home or business so that you can enjoy peace of mind with a secure property.

Ajax Alarm App

Mobile Access From Anywhere In The World

If you want to access your home or office alarms anytime anywhere, you can! We’ll set this up for you so that you can arm and dis-arm directly from your phone. With the visual verification feature, you’ll also get images sent straight to your phone.

Completely Wireless

No messy cabling and installation with our Ajax alarm systems! Easy and fixed installation prices on single or double storey homes.

Ajax Alarm System

Self Monitoring - You Only Pay Once

With our home security alarm systems, you only pay for the installation. We set up the ability to self-monitor your system directly from your mobile devices so that you don’t have to pay an ongoing monitoring fee.

Reduce Your Home Insurance Premiums

Protecting and increasing your property security with a home alarm system can help reduce your insurance premiums every year. Enquire with your insurance company to find out more.

Our Standard Home & Office Alarm Package Includes

Additional PIRs, Door and Window Sensors and Other Accessories Available. Contact Us Today For More Information
MotionProtect Plus
DoorProtect Plus
MotionProtect Curtain

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