Dahua Support

How do I put the cameras on a new phone?

Go to the Play Store or App Store depending on if you’re using iPhone or Android.

DMSS Google Play Store

DMSS Apple App Store


Open the app and follow the prompts

Select the + in a circle at the top right then SN/Scan

Scan the QR code we printed for you on the day of installation and you’re done.


If you have lost the QR code, you can scan the code on the bottom of the NVR. You will need to fill in the following details.

Alias: Home

Username: admin

Password: Hifiguy123!!

Username and password are case sensitive.

How do I setup notifications?

Three dots > Device details > Multi-channel alarm subscription > Turn on notifications with the slider button > Select intrusion alarm  > Select all > Back > Save

How do I live view?


Click the Play Button with the circle.

You can select the 4 in the square to playback more cameras.

You can select the SD button to up the feed to HD. (Changing this will not effect the recording quality.)


How do I playback?


Select Playback

Select the + sign

Select Home and the camera you want to playback

The timeline will load and you can scroll through the timeline

If you select the date you can also select Smart playback to view events only

To capture an image you can select the camera button or to clip select the video camera button

How do I send photos or videos I have taken?

Go to ME then All and you can select images or videos and send them off.

How do I turn on active deterrent?

Three dots > device details > Disable Alarm Linkage

Enabling the Disable Alarm Linkage will turn OFF active deterrent.

Disabling the Disable Alarm Linkage will turn ON active deterrent.

If turning on the active deterrent does not immediately enable active deterrent then you must check to see if the schedule is enabled.

Three Dots > Device Details > Remote Configuration > Arm/Disarm By Period. (If the period is enabled it will override the on button)

How do I change the active deterrent schedule?


Three Dots > Device Details > Remote Configuration > Arm/Disarm By Period. (If the period is enabled it will override the on button)

To activate active deterrent 24/7 turn off the Arm/Disarm by Period button.

The period is set day by day for when you want active deterrent to be disarmed. The example below means from 5am to 10pm active deterrent will be disarmed.

Dahua DMSS Active Deterrent Schedule
Dahua DMSS Active Deterrent Schedule Enable

Notifications are not working?

1. Make sure your’re not blocking notifications or if you are using DND or Focus on iPhone make sure you have enabled notifications for the app.

2. Make sure you are using the latest version of the app.

3. Turn notifications off and on again

Three dots > device details > multi-channel alarm subscription > turn off notifications with the radio button > save

Restart your phone

Three dots > device details > multi-channel alarm subscription > turn on notifications with the radio button > select intrusion alarm  > select all > back > save

4. Unsubscribe from notificatons in the app, delete the app, restart your phone, restart the modem, restart the NVR, wait for them to boot up. Add the device to the app again. Enable notifications.

What if my app says offline?

(note that as long as the NVR has power all the recorded data will still be available when the app comes back online)

First try closing and reopening the app. Sometimes it can get confused after moving from wifi to mobile data


Reboot the modem

Reboot the NVR

Reboot the white box with blue lights (if you have one)


Wait 10 minutes for it all to boot up again and then refresh the app by dragging down on the main screen and you will see it say release to update. (You could even give your phone a restart just to make sure its not an issue with your phone)


If the app continues to be offline then you may have to get in touch with us for further assistance.


What if my NVR is beeping?

You NVR will beep if you hard drive is dead.

Give everything a restart and if the beeping persist please get in touch with us to replace the hdd.


I have a new modem and now my app says offline?

If the system is hardwired make sure the NVR is plugged into a LAN port on your modem. (Not a WAN port)

Give everything a reboot if its still not online.


If the system is connected to the modem using wifi you will need to pair the white box with blue lights back up to the modem.


(You cannot update these details using the Hik_connect app, the NVR is not aware of wifi)

This can be done by pushing the button on the white box with blue lights then going to your modem and pushing the WPS or PAIR button until it shows some indication its trying to sync usually a flashing light.

Once its reconnected you will see more light lit up around the white box with blue lights.


You may need to reboot the NVR if the app doesn’t come back online. You will need to wait 5-10 minutes for the NVR to boot back up. Then refresh the app as above.


This can be tricky so please get in touch if you can’t get it to work. 

Tutorial videos are available for popular service providers and modems on our YouTube Channel.

Additional support can be found on the manufacturers page here.

What is the username and password for the NVR?

By default we configure the NVR with the following details.



All case sensitive.

Unlock pattern is an upside down L (See image)


One of my cameras is offline?

Reboot the NVR (this will take 5-10 minutes to boot back up) and refresh the app. (as above)

If the camera remains offline please get in touch. 

How can I get a copy of the manual?

Please download the manual at the link below. (Note that the manual covers a few different models of NVR and modifying settings from our initial installation may break things)

Dahua NVR 4 Series Manual for GUI 4.0

If you require further assistance please email us here.