How Much Do CCTV Systems Cost in Perth?

by | Jan 27, 2024

Are you looking for ways to increase your home’s security whether you’re inside or away?

Installing a CCTV system is a proven and effective deterrent against break-ins, theft and vandalism.

But when you’re comparing CCTV providers and installers, it’s tough to know how much you should pay and who’s trying to rob you blind.

So, we’ll help answer that question now. 

In this guide, we’ll cover:

  • Top factors affecting CCTV pricing
  • Average CCTV Systems Costs (so you never overpay)
  • Our favourite smart cost-saving tips
  • Tips to choose the best local CCTV installer

With the growing need to safeguard your home or business, CCTV systems have become not just a luxury, but a necessity for many. 

Whether you’re in Cottesloe catching the waves or running a café in Fremantle, the need for a watchful eye never wanes.

Since the CCTV systems costs in Perth isn’t a one-size-fits-all scenario, read on for our full price breakdown. 


  • The CCTV systems cost in Perth depends on your specific requirements, ranging from basic setups at around $200 to advanced systems exceeding $2,500.
  • Key factors affecting cost include the type and number of cameras, installation complexity, additional features, and brand quality.
  • You can save costs by accurately assessing your needs, opting for scalable systems, considering DIY installations, looking out for package deals, and conducting regular maintenance.

What Influences CCTV Systems Cost?

Type of Cameras

Are you after a basic, no-frills model, or something more high-tech with all the bells and whistles? 

Standard cameras are more budget-friendly, but if you’re after features like high-definition resolution, night vision, or motion detection, be prepared to splash a bit more cash. It’s a classic case of getting what you pay for.

Number of Cameras

A single camera can do the trick for a small space, but covering multiple rooms or a large outdoor area will naturally increase the number of units required, pushing up the cost. 

Think about your property’s size and layout to determine the ideal number of cameras for effective surveillance.

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Installation Complexity

Don’t underestimate the installation process. It can be as straightforward as mounting a camera on a wall, or as complex as integrating a full system into a multi-level building. 

The more complex the installation, the higher the labour costs. 

Factors like the type of building materials, accessibility, and wiring requirements can all affect the installation difficulty and, subsequently, the price.

Additional Features

Features like remote access, cloud storage, and smart home integration can elevate your CCTV system from good to great. But remember, these added functionalities come with an added cost. 

Consider which features are essential for your peace of mind and which ones you can live without.

Wired vs. Wireless Security Cameras

Brand and Quality

Top-tier brands often command higher prices due to their reputation for reliability and superior performance. 

There are also many mid-range and budget options available that offer a good balance between cost and quality.

A Snapshot of CCTV Systems Costs in Perth

Whether you’re a small business owner in Northbridge or a homeowner in Joondalup, the table below aims to give you a clear idea of what you might be spending.

CCTV System Type Number of Cameras Features Price Range
Basic 1-2 Standard Resolution, Wired $200 – $600
Intermediate 2-4 HD Resolution, Night Vision $600 – $1,200
Advanced 4+ 4K Resolution, Smart Features $1,200 – $2,500+
Commercial Grade Varies High-End, Full Integration $2,500 – $10,000+

Note: The prices above are indicative and can vary based on specific requirements, installation complexities, and additional customisations.

Smart Cost-Saving Tips to Keep Your CCTV Installation Costs Down

In the quest to keep your Perth property secure, it’s easy to think that higher spending equals better safety. 

Savvy planning and a few cost-effective strategies can significantly reduce your CCTV system expenses without compromising on quality. 

Here are some tips to help you save dollars while still keeping a vigilant eye:

  • Assess Your Actual Needs: Before diving into the market, take a step back and evaluate what you truly need. Sometimes, less is more. Do you need the most advanced system on the market, or will a simpler setup suffice for your space?
  • Go for Scalability: Opt for a CCTV system that allows for easy upgrades. Starting with a basic setup and expanding as needed can be more budget-friendly than investing in a top-tier system from the get-go.
  • DIY Installation: If you’re handy with tools and tech-savvy, consider a DIY installation. Many modern CCTV systems are designed with user-friendly installation in mind. However, be cautious – if you’re unsure, it’s always safer to hire a professional.
  • Seek Package Deals: Keep an eye out for bundle deals or packages, especially during sales periods. Retailers often offer discounts on complete systems compared to buying individual components separately.
  • Regular Maintenance: Regularly check and maintain your CCTV system to avoid costly repairs or replacements in the long run. Simple actions like cleaning camera lenses and ensuring software is up-to-date can prolong the life of your system.
  • Leverage Technology: Opt for systems with smart features like motion detection, which only records when necessary, saving on storage and potentially reducing cloud storage costs.

By employing these strategies, you can effectively manage your expenses while ensuring that your home or business is monitored and protected.

How to Pick a Local CCTV Provider

A reputable company can make all the difference in ensuring your investment is worthwhile, reliable, and effective.

Here are some key aspects to consider when selecting a CCTV service provider in Perth:

  • Experience and Expertise: Look for a provider with a proven track record in installing CCTV systems. Experienced technicians can offer invaluable advice and ensure a seamless installation process.
  • Quality of Products: Ensure the company uses high-quality, reliable equipment. A good provider should offer products from reputable brands with warranties, ensuring longevity and performance.
  • Customer Reviews and Testimonials: Check out reviews and testimonials from previous customers. A provider with positive feedback and satisfied customers is a good sign of reliability and quality service.
  • After-Sales Support: Post-installation support is vital. Choose a company that offers excellent customer service and technical support, so you’re not left in the lurch if issues arise.
  • Customisation Options: Every property is unique. A reputable provider should be able to customise the system to suit your specific needs, rather than offering a one-size-fits-all solution.
  • Transparency in Pricing: A trustworthy provider will be upfront about costs and avoid hidden charges. They should provide clear, detailed quotes so you know exactly what you’re paying for.
  • Licences and Insurance: Ensure the company is licensed and insured. This not only adds a layer of professionalism but also protects you in case of any unforeseen problems during installation.

By keeping these factors in mind, you can confidently choose a CCTV service provider in Perth that not only fits your needs but also offers peace of mind, knowing that your property’s security is in capable hands.

A Quick Recap & Your Next Steps

Let’s take a moment to summarise the key points:

  • Cost Varies with Needs: Remember, the cost of a CCTV system in Perth depends on your specific requirements, ranging from basic setups at around $200 to advanced systems exceeding $2,500.
  • Factor Influences: Key factors affecting cost include the type and number of cameras, installation complexity, additional features, and brand quality.
  • Invest in Security: While the initial cost may seem daunting, investing in a quality CCTV system is investing in your safety, peace of mind, and the protection of your property.

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