Wired vs. Wireless Security Cameras

by | Mar 12, 2023

Wired vs. Wireless Security Cameras: Which is Best for Homes in Perth, Western Australia?

There are many reasons to choose a wired CCTV system over a wireless one.

One of the greatest limiting factors with wireless is range. As we have all experienced, Wi-Fi doesn’t always reach all corners of the home. This is because a wireless signal can only go through so many obstacles. Our Perth homes with double brick are especially challenging for wireless solutions because the signal usually has to penetrate the double brick layer outside. Signal quality and reliability just cannot be guaranteed when using wireless.

Wireless signals also take up a lot of air time, so unless you have another dedicated access point solely for the cameras, it will absolutely disrupt your Wi-Fi for general use.

Another reason wireless is not ideal is that most battery-operated cameras usually run in a low power mode until they detect movement, which is generally done by a PIR. Outside, they are not very reliable due to environmental factors. This is why you only see PIR technology (used in alarms) inside because the environment is stable. PIRs use heat to detect a human, so they can also be tricked by heat outside. Generally, it’s considered a bad idea to use PIRs outside for reliability. For this reason, you will get a lot of false alerts from these DIY products.

Hardwired systems use AI image analysis to detect a human being. This makes them far more reliable than the PIR technology used in the DIY camera space.

Most battery-operated cameras also need regular charging. There are some with solar solutions, but this might mean sacrificing the best shot over the correct camera placement.

Additionally, because they are battery-operated, they usually record in a lower resolution, making it harder to define objects clearly.

These wireless systems are generally considered DIY products, for example, Swan, Arlo, and Eufy systems. They may appear cheaper on the surface, but once you start paying a monthly fee for advanced features, the costs really start to add up.

Our recommendation is always a hardwired system, especially with our double brick homes in Perth. Any other solution is subpar and will cause you issues in the long run. We remove DIY Swan, Arlo, and Eufy systems all the time. We call them gateway products because once you have had CCTV, you can’t live without it. And when reliability is an issue, people are quick to upgrade to a more stable and reliable product, especially when it comes to securing your home.


No need to recharge cameras, no issues with range, 24/7 recording (not just recording on motion), generally higher resolution, and no monthly fees are reasons to choose a hardwired system.

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