Which is better for home security, an alarm or CCTV?

by | Mar 5, 2023

Dahua SMD - Smart Motion Detection Demo

According to the West Australian police, the greatest home security measure is a dog as it is the number one deterrent for preventing break-ins. However, not everyone can or wants to have a dog. Also, our furry friends can’t keep watch out the front, and sometimes they need security too!

So the question remains: what is better for home security, CCTV or an alarm?

While having both CCTV and an alarm is obviously the best choice, it is not feasible for everyone due to budget constraints.

Previously, CCTV was only used for evidence in a break-in after the fact and to assist police with their investigation. But with AI active deterrent, CCTV now proactively protects your home better than an alarm system, in our opinion.

It is widely known that if an alarm is triggered in the street, it is often ignored nowadays, and no one takes notice. With alarm systems, you have to wait until someone breaks in before being alerted.

Using shock sensors for perimeter protection is known to result in false alerts, and it is impossible to identify what caused the sensor to go off without going home to check.

CCTV, especially with active deterrent technology, can prevent a break-in before it occurs by audibly and visually warning the intruder that they are being recorded. AI technology makes CCTV highly reliable and sends an immediate notification when someone enters the property. Even if you receive a false alert, you can quickly identify it and carry on with your day.

Even with standard SMD cameras using AI to detect human beings, there have been instances of crime prevention without the use of active deterrent technology. A client was notified of intruders on their property, and they alerted the local Kiara cops, who made an arrest in under ten minutes, reducing the likelihood of destruction and providing an immediate resolution to the break-in. (Video: https://youtu.be/VqalShkqR9s)

The added benefits of CCTV include the ability to check up on deliveries, monitor activity on the street, and generally feel more connected to your home. In the event of a break-in, CCTV footage can be used to identify perpetrators, and the footage can be handed over to the police for investigation and prosecution. CCTV footage can also be used as evidence for insurance claims, providing proof of the break-in and the items stolen. This can help homeowners recover their losses and provide peace of mind. CCTV systems can also provide evidence for other types of incidents, such as accidents or vandalism, making them a useful tool for protecting your property and assets.

Given that smart alarms are priced similarly to CCTV systems, we believe that the added functionality of CCTV outweighs having an alarm.

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