What is Dahua’s SMD and TiOC?

by | Aug 7, 2022

Dahua SMD - Smart Motion Detection Demo

The latest in CCTV camera technology from Dahua is their AI SMD feature that improves notifications by filtering out anything that isn’t a human or vehicle. SMD stands for Smart Motion Detection, previous generations of motion detection had false alerts from rain, wind, trees moving, really any movement on the cameras image would flag an event. This made it nearly useless to identify specific targets like humans and vehicles which is the most common use case for finding relevant footage.

Dahua’s SMD AI technology fixes these problems. No longer do you get 100’s of alerts an hour, this means we can now with confidence recommend using motion detection and with real time notifications it has made CCTV an active security solution rather than a passive one, meaning if an intruder is at your home, you will be notified immediately allowing you to take the appropriate action.

(See below for a demo video)

*Note that animals can be filtered out by size which is great for smaller dogs and cats. Larger dogs can still be problematic.

TiOC 3 in 1 camera

Dahua’s TiOC which stands for Three in One Camera includes SMD and adds to it Active Deterrent and Colour at night to the camera.

SMD is explained as above and works with these additional features to reliably secure your home.

Active Deterrent has an audible and visual warning from the camera itself when a target (human or vehicle) enters the defined areas we setup during installation.

The intruder will be notified audibly that they are under surveillance 3 times and visually with red and blue flashing lights, this warning is not enough to wake up the neighbourhood but enough the let the person know they are being recorded.

Active Deterrent can be armed and disarmed via the mobile phone app, we can also put it on a schedule to come on automatically, so you don’t have to think about it.

The Smart Illumination system adds Colour at night. During normal operation the camera will be in IR mode until a human or vehicle enters the view on the camera then a white LED light will illuminate the area giving the camera a colour image. The user can select how this operates and if they want colour all night the setting can be enabled via the app. This does mean a LED white visible light will be emitted from the camera at all times.

Check out our TiOC demo video below and YouTube playlist with the TiOC and SMD cameras in action protecting people’s homes Here.

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